Bitcoin is having it’s time in the sun. Meanwhile we are waiting for ETH to moon. Many people have been asking me if it is time to give up on our ETH lambo dreams and trade them in for a BTC Tesla dream. If I’ve learned anything in crypto over the years, it’s that just when people start giving up on a coin, that is when it does its best work. I want you guys to think about this, with as much air that bitcoin sucked out of the room this week from the $1.5 billion dollar Tesla Bitcoin purchase and Ethereum doomsday preppers selling their ethers in fear of the CME futures launch, ETH still made a new all time high last night of $1831 dollars. $2,000 dollars is a round the corner. But that’s not enough. We need $25 hundo by Valentine’s Day so you nerds can get girlfriends. Find out if it’s going to happen.

0:00- Intro
1:33- Why ETH will hit $25k by Valentines
2:31- CME Future’s Contract
3:29- Greyscale buys ETH
5:17- $2k Hopium
6:24- December 21st Call Option
6:45- Lower Gas Fees
7:29- Where I see ETH going

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